Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Visitors -

Living on the lake, we often have surprise guests in our yard.  Being a city girl, I find this to be a bit unexpected and sometimes a little disturbing.  Our most recent guest didn't bother me too much, which is good, because he keeps coming back.  (At least I assume it is the same one)

I definitely like him better than the geese that sometimes overtake the yard!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pucker Up With Carmex

Since we live on the lake, we spend much of our time outside enjoying the beauty around us.  This summer, we probably spent at least half of our waking hours outside.  Whether we were boating, tubing, swimming, walking, jumping rope, hula hooping, reading, biking, scootering (is that a word?), or grilling, we were out in the sun.   With a history of melanoma in our family, I always do my best to protect my girls from the sun.  We use sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and lip balm.  Personally, my favorite lip balm is Carmex.  I feel like it goes on smooth, stays on longer, and does a great job of moisturizing our lips.   The only issue I have had with Carmex in the past is that my girls don't really like the taste of the original jar (which is my personal favorite product).

This summer, Carmex was kind enough to send me a fun pack of products to try with my family.  My package included Carmex Lime Twist and Carmex Vanilla click sticks in exchange for my honest review.  The first thing I  have to say about these products is "YUM"!  My girls and I especially loved the Lime Twist.  To me, it tasted a bit like Key Lime Pie.   The girls didn't even mind that it still had the slight underlying taste of the original Carmex.  I think that hint of original flavor also helped to keep the girls from trying to lick it off (which they have been known to do with other brands of fruity lip balms).  Both products have SPF15 and several moisturizing ingredients to keep your lips safe and hydrated. 

The sunshine of summer will soon be replaced by the cool breezes of fall.  When that happens, I still always have Carmex on hand.  Between the wind and the heat from the furnace, my skin dries out, and I haven't had any product that works better for my lips than Carmex.

Do you want to win some products of your own?  The good people at Carmex have agreed to send one of my readers the the same kit that I received. 

Here's how you can win:

Go to MomOnTheEdge for all the entry details!  Soon I hope to  have more posts, giveaways, and reviews here on this site. 

Friday, July 29, 2011


You may or may not already know me from my original blog, MomOnTheEdge.  If so, welcome back and thanks so much for following me here.  If not, it is nice to meet you.   To learn a little more about me and my family, please check out my About Us page.  While I loved MomOnTheEdge (and will still be posting there as well), I decided that I wanted to focus my blog a bit more.   I needed a new direction.   For the longest time I thought I didn't have a niche.  I thought I was just average.  I recently had an epiphany.  I might be pretty average in most respects, but where I live makes me pretty unique as well.   I live on the lake . . . but not just any lake . . . I live on the shores of one of the Great Lakes.  

If you've never seen the Great Lakes, then you really should.  They are immense.  At times it is like living on the ocean.  When you're in the middle of the lake and you look around, you may not be able see the shore.  We have days where our lake is as smooth as glass.  It looks almost like a swimming pool.  We have other days where the waves look like they might take your boat completely off its lift.  In fact, just this spring we had a storm that completely destroyed several of the neighbors' docks. 

From local factory workers, to small business owners doing what they love, to multi-million dollar company owners, we have a little of everything in our small town.   No matter what your income, people in our town love the lake and all it has to offer.   I'm hoping to use this blog to highlight what I've learned in my time here on lake.  Whether a product or place is the latest and greatest or an old standby, I'll share what we love best (and worst) about life on the lake.