PR Friendly (My Niche)

My Niche:
  • Living on a Lake means that we are almost always entertaining during the summer months.  We are constantly on the lookout for quick and easy meals/recipes, unique snacks, and fun serving dishes.  We love the latest grilling gadgets and anything that helps to keep our hot food hot (and bug free) and our cold food cool and refreshing.
  • In addition to food, summer entertaining means that we need extra places to sleep.  From air mattresses, to cots, to fold outs, to tents, we pack people in every corner of our house and property.
  • From a simple summer sprinkler to a party sized bounce house and everything in between, we enjoy keeping our kids and their friends entertained at home.   I'm always on the lookout for great toys and gifts that the kids will love and will grow with them.  Weather is anything but predictable on the lake, so inside games and toys are just as important as the outside ones.
  • Adults love toys too!  Boats, jet skis, water trampolines, inflatable islands and towables are always a hit with our family and friends.
  • With local amusement park passes and a membership at a nearby marina, we keep busy both at home and away.  We also like to visit our favorite tourist traps for a short "day"cation.
  • Summertime safety is of the utmost important for my family as well as any family that might stop by to visit.  Life jackets, sunscreen, water shoes, sunglasses, hats, bug repellents and first aid kits are always on hand at our house.  We also like to have an ample supply of extra swim suits, beach towels, umbrellas, beach chairs, cover-ups and sandals.
  • Just the thought of wearing a swimsuit sets me into a panic.  I've done Power 90 (not P90x) and am now a member at a fitness center.  Unfortunately, the center closes for the winter months, so I'll have to find new ways to keep in shape.
  • Winters on the lake can be brutal.  Wind gusts can push piles of ice up onto the shore and wreak havoc on paints and stains.  Snow boots, shovels, winter coats, hats, gloves and space heaters are a must in our home.  After our first winter here (and several days without electricity and heat other than the fireplace) we purchased a generator.  Winter preparation and protection is vital to having an uneventful spring and successful summer!

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